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Raising awareness and support for the three Asian Rhino species

The Greater One Horned rhinoceros, Sumatran rhinoceros and Javan rhinoceros are all seriously endangered due to rampant poaching and habitat loss caused by human encroachment. Poached for their horn, the rhino are caught by snares, pit traps, poisoned or electrocuted by wires hung from overhanging power lines.

The horn is used in traditional Chinese medicines and in Yemen to make dagger handles. The illegal trade in wildlife is second only to the trade in illegal drugs and firearms and is the primary threat to rhino in Asia. Illegal logging and human encroachment is seeing the rapid destruction of Asia’s forest and all its inhabitants.

Conservation of these flagship species in the wild not only ensures there will be rhino around for future generations, but will also assist to ensure the survival of other threatened species of Asia’s rainforests such as the orangutan, sun bear, gibbon, elephant, tiger, rafflesia flower and many, many more. But we have to act now!

The Asian Rhino Project (ARP) is an Australian non-profit, volunteer organisation raising awareness and support for the three Asian rhino species. By actively seeking funding from donors, corporate sponsors and memberships, merchandise sales and funds raised through events and educational programs; we contribute to programs in-situ through partnerships formed with conservation organisations in the field.

Donations to the ARP over $2 are tax deductible and are directly committed to the conservation of this flagship species. So please donate today, become a member or adopt a rhino and help us help them!