Asian Rhino Projectx

About us

The Asian Rhino Project (ARP) is an Australian NGO raising awareness and support for the three Asian rhinoceros species. Since 2003, the ARP has established itself internationally as a non-government organisation dedicated to the recovery of Asian rhino species in the wild. The ARP is actively involved with the IUCN Species Specialist Group, the International Rhino Foundation, WWF AREAS programs as well as many smaller range-state NGOs and boards. The ARP works together with these organizations, local governments and communities to achieve positive rhino conservation outcomes. ARP encourages projects to be co-contributed or supported by relevant authorities, local and international NGOs operating in the area. We believe that collaboration between all stakeholders will achieve positive, more cost effective rhino conservation outcomes delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Kerry Crosbie and Peter Hall with the RPU team at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra 2005

Our Mission

The mission of Asian Rhino Project (ARP) is to raise awareness and provide support for the conservation of the three Asian Rhinoceros species – the Sumatran Rhino (Critically Endangered), the Javan Rhino (Critically Endangered) and the Greater One Horned Rhino (Threatened).

We are able to do this through actively seeking funding from donors, corporate sponsors and memberships, the sales of merchandise, and funds raised through events and educational programs. These funds contribute to programs in-situ through partnerships formed with non-profit conservation organisations in the field.

Strong relationships are formed with conservation specialists through our active role in conservation workshops and positions on conservation boards such as the Sumatran Rhino Propagation Board, the IUCN Species Specialist group, the International Rhino Foundation and the more recently formed Indonesian Rhino Foundation. We work together with these people to achieve outcomes as a united force with our partners.

Snares removed from Rhino habitat.

Asian Rhino Project's Role in Asian Rhino Conservation

Ongoing funding from ARP Patron Peter Hall allows us to support International Rhino Foundation (IRF) and Yayasan Badak Indonesia projects. Such projects include the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, rescue of doomed rhino, support for the rhino medicine programs and Rhino Protection Unit support. Peter has also funded all administrative and operational costs of our organisation since 2004. This vital support allows 100% of funds donated to the ARP to be allocated to Asian rhino conservation programs.

Rhino Protection Units (RPUs) provide protection in rhino habitats patrolling for signs of illegal encroachment, removing lethal snares and filling in pit traps as well as monitor and record all signs of rhinos in their habitat. The Asian Rhino Project has supported fellow NGOs across Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India and their RPU teams providing them with essential equipment to carry out these operations.

Commitment to investigations into the illegal trade in rhino horn are essential to enable successful law enforcement by establishing exactly where the rhino horn is being traded, how it is being transported from rhino habitats to markets and identifying individuals facilitating such trade. Strategic sting operations through incentive programs are required. The Asian Rhino Project assists such investigations as well as DNA studies and other scientific means to aid in curbing these activities.

The Asian Rhino Project also supports community programs including awareness and education, relocation, better farming and environmental programs as well as incentives for park protection. We fund animal rescue programs, snare removal programs, camera trapping operations, habitat assessment and studies as well. Often projects supported assist other endangered flora and fauns within the rhino habitat.

Continued Growth

To ensure that the Asian Rhino Project continues to grow and reach its goals and objectives, we will need to branch out to reach a wider range of donors and contributors. We plan to eventually launch our organisation Australia wide and open branches in every state. Currently we have three bases - Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales.

We have been registered both as an Australian Registered Body which allows us to operate in any state of Australia; and on the Registrar of Environmental Organisations which gives us the status of a DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient resulting in all donations to the Asian Rhino Project over $2 being tax deductible to the donor.